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About the SCCCD Foundation

Most high school students lack the opportunity to be introduced to the possibility of a career in construction as more and more schools no longer offer vocational-tech or industrial art classes. If students do not fit into the high-tech peg and are not college bound, they are often left wondering what they can do with their futures. The field of construction offers a wide range of jobs and great opportunities for advancement and is a great field for young people to start their careers.

The Southern Colorado Construction Career Day Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation that helps high school students explore trade career opportunities.


Our Mission

To provide a venue for young people to explore the variety of career opportunities available in the construction industry upon graduation from high school. To host a day of hands-on experiences, to enable them to interface with expert contractors throughout the region. We encourage volunteers from all the trades in the construction industry to be enthusiastic and provide job specific training to the young people attending the workshop.

2024 Leadership


Allison Jencson

Vice President

John DeLuke


Jessica O'Connell


Jennifer Rollins


Christina Townsend

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