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Construction Career Guide

Welcome to a career in construction!

The Southern Colorado Construction Career Day Foundation has partnered with many local contractors to offer an exciting day of hands-on construction activities to high school juniors and seniors in southern Colorado. The purpose of Construction Career Day is to broaden student knowledge about the multi-faceted opportunities available and to increase the number of men and women entering the construction industry.

Getting hands-on experience is an excellent way for the students to learn about careers in the construction industry. It is very impressive to see the organizations that come together with all the equipment and donations made for these students to experience this once in a lifetime event. Our industry is growing and changing very rapidly. If you look around, you will see there is a lot of construction taking place in our area. There are many jobs available, and workers are needed.

This guide provides contacts and resources for students that are interested in learning more about the opportunities in the various fields of construction and to recognize the many companies and people that made this day possible.

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